B16 – VIOLET / VIOLET The Violet Robe
Awakening to one’s true self and service. A complete Re-evaluation.
B17 – GREEN / VIOLET Troubadour 1, The Hope bottle
A new beginning for spirituality as we connect to the star within
B18 – YELLOW / VIOLET The Egyptian Bottle 1, Turning Tide
Refining the knowledge that we may understand why we are here and what we are for.
B19 – RED / PURPLE Living in the Material World
The re-energising of the body and material life through a change in our Thinking.
B20 – BLUE / PINK Star Child
The communication of unconditional love. Peace in the conscious mind, self acceptance within the depths.
B21 – GREEN / PINK New Beginning for Love
New Beginning for Love: The emergence of freedom through self acceptance.
B22 – YELLOW / PINK The Rebirther’s Bottle, Awakening

A renewal of spirit through joy and self acceptance.


B23 – ROSE PINK / PINK Love and Light
Compassion and self acceptance. The more we find the compassion in the process of ‘seeing’ ourselves clearly, the more we can accept of ourselves.
B24 – VIOLET / TURQUOISE A New Message
A transformative communication from the heart, inspired from Spirit, expressed through creativity and the feeling side of being.
B25 – PURPLE / MAGENTA Florence Nightingale Bottle
A mystic. One who is inspired from above. A pioneering spirit in the service of others.
B26 – ORANGE / ORANGE Etheric Rescue; Humpty Dumpty Bottle
Rebalancing the timeline, pulling together discrepancies and restoring the synchronicity of life
B27 – RED / GREEN Robin Hood
Robin Hood: A balance between head and heart, root and heart and the relationship between the inner male and female.
B28 – GREEN / RED Maid Marion
Awakening of the heart. A balance between the intuitive female and the analytical male within the self
B29 – RED / BLUE Get Up and Go
Living in the material world, a balance within the solar plexus between two extremes.
B30 – BLUE / RED Bringing Heaven to Earth
Head in heaven, feet on the earth. Awakening to the communication of peace.
B31 – GREEN / GOLD The Fountain
The wisdom from the heart, making space for the deepest joy to spring from within the depths of the self.